Memento Historias Visuales S.A.



Memento is made up of a group of professionals specialized in the area of, Journalism, Filmmatography, Photography, Direction, Assistant Direction, Aerial filming (drone) and Virtual Reality.


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Main service:

Documentary production

Other services:

Film, Commercial production, Corporate production, Institutional production, Documentary production, Educational production, Video clips production, Video postproduction, Audio postproduction, Local production company, Aerial filming (drone), Director of photography, Assistant director, Director



English, Spanish

Work start year:


Main clients:

Cemex Costa Rica
Democracy Lab
Bomberos de Costa Rica
TAM Travel, Fundameco

Main projects:

Series: Alarma Bomberos de Costa Rica
TAM Experience
El Baile de la Pandemia
La última entrevista con Don Beto Cañas.

Maximum crew handled:

Between 50 and 100 people

Maximum budget managed in USD$

From $100.000 to $250.000