Emi Kondo

Multimedia producer and National Geographic Explorer 2021, telling sotries for a positive change. I live in Costa Rica, but would travel the world for a good story. I photograph and film wild animals, nature, cities and people. I have documented farm stories, natural disasters and hidden in places where animals in captivity live. I seek to colaborate with people, organizations and companies to create awareness about social and animal issues, and also to create multimedia content to bring closer the audience to important causes.

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Main service:

Documentary production

Other services:

Documentary production, Educational production, Film, Fixer, Institutional production, Local production company, Stock photography and video




English, Spanish, Portuguese

Work start year:


Main Clients:

World Animal Protection
Only One
National Geographic

Main Projects:

Violeta al Fin
Healing Power
Fooled by a Smile
Wild Guardians

Maximum crew handled:

Less than 50 people

Maximum budget managed in USD$:

Less than $100.000