Dos Sentidos S.A

    Our specialty is the development of projects, communication and production of events. We work each project with a specialized crew, depending on its specifications. We are characterized by creativity, quality, efficiency and punctuality. Karolina Hernández (General Producer): Executive Production Specialist, Project Development, Fundraising, Director of Production and Communication (Media Management and Digital Marketing).   Contact Us

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Main service:


Other services:

Film, Television, Commercial production, Corporate production, Institutional production, Documentary production, Educational production, Video clips production, Video postproduction, Audio postproduction, Local production company, Location Manager, Scouting, Director of photography, Assistant director, Director, Script writing


English, Spanish

Work start year:


Main clients:

Ministerio de Cultura
Centro de Cine
Universidad de Costa Rica
Red Cultura
Mundoloco Producciones

Main projects:

"Festival Internacional de Cine de Costa Rica" (2014)
“Cinescopia-FIA” (2012)
“Festival Mundoloco” (2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010)
“VIII Festival Internacional de Poesía” (2009)
“XIV Festival Internacional de Guitarra del Teatro Nacional” (2007)

Maximum crew handled:

Between 200 and 500 people

Maximum budget managed in USD$

From $500.000 to 1.000.000