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We will work with you, regardless of your budget! We are experts in the tropical Rain Forest! We provide personalized attention to your Film, Video or still photography project. Best at Location Scouting, Crews and Rentals for TV Series, Corporate, Documentary or Drama. Making life easier for the foreign producer since 1984.


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Main service:


Other services:

Film, Television, Corporate production, Institutional production, Documentary production, Educational production, Video clips production, Local production company, Fixer, Location Manager, Scouting, Rental equipment



English, Spanish

Work start year:


Main clients:

Panasonic international
AXE Deodorant international
Animal Planet
Chiquita Banana

Main projects:

Wilds Things with Dominic Monagham for BBC America (TV Series)
AXE Deodorant for "El NiÑo" Paris, France (video clip)
Panasonic Japan, use of the 3D camera (Corporate)
Dude you're Screwed! for Animal Planet and Discoverand Channel (TV Series)
Deutsche Welle DW German TV (Documentary coverage)

Maximum crew handled:

Between 50 and 100 people

Maximum budget managed in USD$

From $100.000 to $250.000