Candy Caramels Films S.A

    We are a Film house based in Costa Rica since 2007, which seeks with each of its Film productions to approach with an innovative focus in the social issues related to Latin American identity. Our projects are the result of the work of multidisciplinary professionals, who seek to develop international quality film projects, based on research, social content and Latin American identity. Costa Rica is our main stage but our intention is to approach all of Central America in images. Candy Caramels Films or CCF is a brand owned by the 100% Costa Rican capital audiovisual production company: Cucumelo Films.   Contact Us

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Main service:

Documentary Production

Other services:

Film, Television, Commercial production, Corporate production, Institutional production, Documentary production, Educational production, Video clips production, Video postproduction, Local production company, Fixer, Location Manager, Scouting, Casting agency, Rental equipment, Aerial filming (drone), Director of photography, Assistant director, Director, Script writing




English, Spanish

Work start year:


Main projects:

El Galan
Soy Imporvisao
La familia de la Vejiga

Maximum crew handled:

Between 50 and 100 people

Maximum budget managed in USD$

From $100.000 to $250.000