Adriana Cordero Chacón



I am an audiovisual producer. I have been a general producer of the Costa Rica International Film Festival on two occasions. I have also produced other events, large and small, TV and radio programs and have worked as a local producer for Mexican and Argentine companies. I worked 3 years in Argentina. I wrote, produced, and directed a Documentary feature film and I am in the process of developing the second. I studied Film and Music in Argentina and Philosophand at the University of Costa Rica. I have also been a professor of Philosophy and Film courses. I have editing knowledge too. I know how to work with state institutions and private companies.


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Main service:

Documentary production

Other services:

Film, Television, Institutional production, Documentary production, Local production company, Director


English, Spanish

Work start year:


Main clients:

Centro de Cine
Orsaand Troup
Cactus Films

Main projects:

La Dixon, el documental
6to and 7mo CRFIC
Retos Empleate (Work Ministery)
Mitos falsos (HIVOS)
Encuentro CACI-IBERMEDIA 2016

Maximum crew handled:

Between 50 and 100 people

Maximum budget managed in USD$

Between $500.000 and 1.000.000