We Love Bruno So Much

201952 minsSpanish

1999. Bruno Porter, a cult group of alternative Costa Rican rock, disappears in full swing. Twenty years later, we explore the streets and stages of San José looking for answers to the questions about its disappearance.

In this search we discover the kinships, influences and vestiges of Bruno Porter's passage in an alternative musical scene that yesterday like today is trying to open up spaces in a hostile and limited environment. In a country where bands seem to be destined to walk along a rough road bordering a precipice, we discover the meaning that their proposals, no matter how ephemeral, come to have in the lives of people who get infected with them.

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Director: Ernesto Jara
Producer: Giulia Clerici
Executive Producer: Giulia Clerici
Screenplay: Ernesto Jara and Antonio Jara
Director of Photography: Pablo Cambronero
Sound: José Miguel Enríquez and Estudio 24/48
Editor: Clea Eppelin
Colorization: José Chisco Arce and Maicero Producciones
Music: Bruno Porter
Motion Graphics: Sueter Studio & Rocket