Two Waters

201572 minsSpanish, French and English

Costa Rica - Colombia

TWO WATERS is a coming of age story following NATÓ, an 11-year-old kid who lives on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica, a lush natural tropical paradise that contrasts harshly with the social and economic poverty of the people living there. To try to transcend his surroundings, Nató has been practicing football since he was little. He is chasing a dream his brother could never fulfill: becoming a football star and lift his family out of poverty. One day. Nató discovers that his brother owes a considerable amount of money to the local drug trafficking gang and that he is hopelessly and dangerously entangled in their world. From that moment on, Nató and his friend KLANE are willing to do anything possible, and even the impossible, to help his brother, without regard for neither risks nor consequences.

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Director: Patricia Velásquez
Producer: Patricia Velásquez and Gustavo Pazmín
Director of Photography: Gustavo Brenes
Sound: Oscar Herrera
Screenplay: Oscar Herrera and Patricia Velásquez
Editor: Patricia Velásquez
Production Designer: Olga Madrigal
Music: Oscar Herrera