Two Fridas

201892 minsSpanish,

Costa Rica - México

The film takes its inspiration from the relationship between the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo and a fascinating woman who was her personal nurse, the Costa Rican Judith Ferreto.

Through the prism of memories, the movie depicts a time in which the present, the past, reveries, nightmares, myths, imagination and reality all mix in the inner world of Judith.

In her last day of life, Judith recalls moments of complicity with the painter, which runs the threads of her destiny thereafter.

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Director: Ishtar Yasin Gutiérrez
Producer: Producciones Astarté - Costa Rica
Coproduced by: Luis Javier Castro, Romanos films - México
Production Manager: Belem Castro
Executive Production: Karina Avellán and Marcelo Quesada
Production Designer: Olga Madrigal
Screenplay: Ishtar Yasin
Script Consultant: Clara Albitati
Director of Photography: Mauro Herce
Art Director: Alidarine Ducolomb
Sound: Rodrigo Lira
Editor: Valerie Loiseleux
Music: Alex Catona
Choreography: David Calderón
Hair and Make Up: Vanessa Campos
Costume Designer: Esteban Arzate
Special Collaboration: Li Sáenz