Third World

200985 minsSpanish - Subtitles: English, ,

Costa Rica - Chile - Bolivia

Juan, Amaya and Richi are about to find a way to escape their monotonous lives. All three are convinced that the solution to their problems is far, beyond borders. Each one will look for a way to escape this reality, but not before facing a mysterious eclipse, extraterrestrial signals and the old rumor of the end of the world. This feature film links stories from the Bolivian altiplano, the Costa Rican lakes and volcanoes and the surroundings of the Chilean capital; where despite obvious differences, there are "amazing" similarities that create mystical ties.

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Director: César Caro
Executive Producer: César Caro and Ana Lucía Jiménez
Asociated Producer: Richard Meza, Gina Ortega, María Lourdes Cortés, César Caro Brown and Javier Valdivia
Director of Photography: Ana Lucía Jiménez
Art Director: Felipe Da Silva, Lidia Macaya and Felipe Joos
Sound: Ramiro Valdés, Alexander Mederos and Adrián Fernández
Screenplay: César Caro
Editor: Juan Manuel Fernández and Danielle Fillios
Music: José Manuel Gatica
Costume Design: Sandra Carvajal, José Luis Muñoz and Claudia Loza
Production Company: Películas Plot and Filamento Films