The Vargas Brothers

201290 minsSpanish

Eduardo, Juan, Eddy and Álvaro Vargas, survivors of the 60’s Costa Rican rock and roll era, tell us the story of their musical career. It’s an intimate and moving, sometimes scary, narration.  Los Vargas Brother’s is a nostalgia experience; a story of struggle, money and fame, but also a story of broken dreams catapulted by drugs and stress. This documentary is a true tribute to the birth, life, death and resurrection of the oldest Costa Rican rock and roll band. Los Vargas Brother’s: no doubt, an urban legend.

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Director: Juan Manuel Fernández
Producer: Juan Manuel Fernández
Assistant Director: German Vargas
Director of Photography: Juan Manuel Fernández
Concert Cameras: Santiago Martínez, Antonio Yglesias, Marcelo Francheschi, Gustavo Arrieta and Vicente Ferraz
Sound: Memo Villegas and Walter Briceño
Screenplay: Juan Manuel Fernandéz
Screenplay Assistant: German Vargas
Editor: Juan Manuel Fernández
Music: The Vargas Brothers
Graphic Design: La Cabeza Studio