The Sound of the Things

201678 minsSpanish - Subtitles: Spanish, English and French

Claudia loves being a nurse. Handling adrenaline, controlling emotions, saving lives. At home everything is different: there’s a room to clear out, she needs to find a new roommate. Claudia cannot deal with her cousin Silvia’s recent suicide. Outside of her mind, there’s work, her Aunt’s grief, an encounter with an old friend. Inside she is still surrounded by the usual sounds of cars passing by, of the rain, of neighbors at a distance. Everything sounds like Silvia. Everything reminds her of her inability to cry.

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Director: Ariel Escalante
Producer: Mariana Murillo
Executive Producer: Mariana Murillo, Ariel Escalante, Esteban Zabala, Fernando Fonseca and Leonardo Escalante
Production Designer: Olga Madrigal
Director of Photography: Nicolás Wong Díaz
Screenplay: Enric Rufas and Ariel Escalante
Editor: Lorenzo Mora Salazar
Original Score: Kalayawa