The Right To Choose

201390 minsSpanish

This film is a portrait of how women and their families have their right to choose how to give birth to their children. We follow closely the intimate story of three pregnant women and their families moving along the process of preparing for childbirth, meeting what each one of them needs to be able to shape their own vision of a respected birth. It is very common to come across with stories of terror about giving birth, told by this generation of women who had to give birth under the eye of medical science in the last half-century, it only takes a while sitting at a table and addressing the topic of birth for women to openly tell their stories about violence and medicalization when they were at the hospital bringing their children into the world, on the contrary, the goal of this documentary is to present this three stories that show that birth does not have to be traumatic, cold, inhumane or violent, it shows how it is in the hands of this families to choose and design their experience through the proper resources and support in agreement with their own values and needs and build this nurturing, healing experience for all the family.

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Director: Juan Manuel Fernández and Natalia Del Valle Carro
Producer: Natalia Del Valle Carro
Assistant Director: Marcelo Franchesci
Director of Photography: Juan Manuel Fernández
Extra Cameras: Gabriela Hernández and Clea Epellin
Sound: Natalia Del Valle Carro
Screenplay: Natalia Del Valle Carro
Editor: Gabriela Hernández and Juan Manuel Fernández
Music: Camilo Poltronieri