The Most Human Yell

Post Production | 60 minsSpanish

Reconstruction journey of the life and death of the famous Costa Rican poet Jorge Debravo based on the memories of his wife Margarita and his two children Lucrecia and Raimundo.

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Director: Kike Molina 
Producer: Nayuribe Montero, Diana Murillo and Kike Molina
Executive Producer: Kike Molina and La Traviesa Producciones
Production Designer: Kike Molina
Director of Photography: Gustavo Brenes, Ana Lucía Jiménez and Kike Molina
Art Director: Kike Molina and Mariela Richmont
Screenplay: Kike Molina
Editor: Kike Molina
Costume Designer: Mariela Richmont and Jeremy Chacón
Music: Grupo Libertango