The Happiest Place in the World

2015118 minsSpanish,

Costa Rica - Colombia

A long-running television series is targeted to be canceled by a rival studio who sends an assassin after the show's cast. After the loss of the show's star, the cast and crew try to find a way to save the show and head to the Costa Rican mountains seeking inspiration. While trying to elude the assassin, they stumble into a commune of new-age gurus who offer to help them.

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Director: Soley Bernal​
Producer: Soley Bernal​ and Christian Aguilar​
Costume Designer: Elizabeth Withe
Production Designer: Carlos Amador Umaña
Director of Photography: Douglas Martin
Screenplay: Soley Bernal and Paulo Soto
Editor: ​Diego Choque
Music: Christian Solis