The Daughter of Death: The Lifeline

Post Production | 94 minsSpanish - Subtitles: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Japanese

Based on the novel “La Luz al Final del Mundo” by Costa Rican author Rod Saturnine. The plot focuses on Clara, a teenage gypsy daughter of Mortimer, the authority of Death, and the complications that surround her as she tries to belong to both the earthly and spirit worlds. Will Clara be worthy of being the heir to her father's position or will her doubts make her lose her destiny?

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Director: Carlos M. Blanco
Producer: Carlos M. Blanco and Rod Saturnine
Production Designer: Luis Zúñiga and Minor Maitland
Director of Photography: Carlos M. Blanco
Music: Christian Solís
Wardrobe: Marcia Stanford and Eduardo Monge