The Commitment

201195 minsSpanish - Subtitles: English

Federico (50), shaped by a generation that believed it possible to bring about a utopia, tries to survive the changes of the 21st Century, but is trapped in a dead-end street. Herman, his friend and revolutionary companion – mutilated by war injuries – finds a way to express his ideals, struggles and hopes through painting. With his young son, Daniel, he retires to the countryside, where Flora, a pragmatic and generous country woman, helps with the household and the raising of his son. Herman dies from a long-standing illness. Federico, forced by his friend, made a death-bed promise to care for Daniel, now an orphan. Hope is not a utopia that is reached through a specific action. Federico learns at Daniel’s side that the future, like love, is not conquered but fashioned day.

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Director: Oscar Castillo
Producer: Oscar Castillo
Executive Producer: Francisco D´Intino
Associated Producer: María Castillo, Ana Castillo and Fernando Camacho
Director of Photography: Antonio Cuevas
Sound: Haymo Henry Hayder and Nano Fernández
Art Director: Fernando Castro
Screenplay: Oscar Castillo
Original Score: Adrian Goizueta
Editor: Enrique Muzio and Carmen Vargas
Visual Effects: Enrique Muzio and Carmen Vargas
Wardrobe: Krista Karch
Makeup: Carmen Salguera
Cast: Rubén Pagura (Federico),Rodrigo Duran Bunster (Germán), Anabelle Ulloa (Flora), Josué Peña Monge (Daniel (niño), Silvia Rojas (Patricia), Rocío Carranza (Berta)