The Butler

201770 minsSpanish - Subtitles: English

Costa Rica - Chile Peter’s mother has recently passed away in Costa Rica and now he must travel to this Central American country to receive the house she left for him in her will. Once in the capital city of San José, Peter is visited by Erasmo Jiménez, an enigmatic man who claims to be his deceased mother’s butler. Erasmo offers to give Peter a hand with the cleaning of the house and Peter accepts. Erasmo brings his young and attractive daughter Rosa to do the laundry and iron. As the days pass Peter realizes that Erasmo and his daughter are opening a strange door to the life his mother led in the house in the past.

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Director: César Caro Cruz
Executive Producer: César Caro Cruz
Associate Producer: Gina Ortega, Javier Valdivia, Ana Lucía Jiménez, Roberto Muñoz, Alejandro Salinas.
Production Design: Marina Capra
Director of Photography: Ana Lucía Jiménez Hine
Screenplay: César Caro Cruz
Direct Sound: Haymo Heyder
Sound Mix: Roberto Muñoz
Editor: Octavio Rodríguez.
Music: José Manuel Gatica
Costume Design: Sophia del Sol Conde
Production Company: Filamento Films S.A.(Costa Rica) and Películas Plot S.A. (Chile).