The Boys from the Hood

201565 minsSpanish

To the west of San José, capital of Costa Rica, in the middle of marginalization, poverty and social and institutional indifference, a community with more than 35 thousand people struggles, not only to survive, but to find a light, a germ of hope that allows them to change, improve their life situation. Its inhabitants, most of them children and young people, face daily the dilemma of their lives, of their future. Hector and Larry, are two of these young people from different positions now face a formidable challenge: changing their lives. A dilemma because this change means breaking ties and group oaths, leaving addictions of years, getting respected in school and on the street, thus demonstrating that being from La Carpio is not a curse.

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Director: Juan Manuel Fernández
Producer: Laura Angel
Assistant Director: Marcelo Franchesci
Director of Photography: Juan Manuel Fernández and Ana Lucía Jiménez
Screenplay: German Vargas
Editor: Juan Manuel Fernández
Music: Douglas “The Transformer”