The Accursed

201090 minsSpanish - Subtitles: English,

A girl is worried because she thinks that the women in her family are cursed and they will all die of a strange disease that has already killed her mother and grandmother. Now it is her daughter's turn, and the protagonist wonders if she will manage to save her life. Based on a true story.

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Festivals and awards:

  • Atlanta Horror Film Festival 2011. (Winner best foreign drama feature)


Director: Adrian García Boglian and Ramiro García Bogliano
Producer: Max Valverde and Oscar Castillo
Executive Producers: Arnoldo Soley, Rene Picado, Ana Castillo
Associated Producer: Jorge Garro
Director of Photography: Antonio Cuevas
Art Director: Fernando Castro
Screenplay: Adrian García Boglian, Ramiro García Boglian and Carlos Castro
Sound: Haymo Henry Heyder
Editor: Carmen Vargas
Visual Effects: Carmen Vargas
Original Score: Carlos Castro
Makeup: Carmen Salguera
Wardrobe: Krista Karch
Production Company: Estudios Cinematográficos Orosí S.A
Cast: Gustavo Rojas (Miguel), María Orozco (Laura), David Rivera (Mirlo), Michael Dionisio (Buh O), José Castro (Águila), Rocío Carranza (Eva), Rosibel Carvajal (LA MAMA), Silvia Campos (Marlene), Haymo Henry Heyder (Morris)