San José By Night

20181 Season | 13 Eps x 26 minsSpanish

In the imaginary of the world there are metropolises that don't stop and their nightlife is full of activity, movement and action. We don't think that about San Jose: in our minds our little capital rests and goes to sleep very early, but it's not like that: dozens of people have appropriated the space and the city, giving color and life to the nocturnal landscape. This series makes a portrait of the life, wishes and desires of the people who keep San José alive at night.

San José by Night is a series of 13 chapters about the nightlife of the Costa Rican capital. Each chapter, from a different and independent narrative to the others, shows the singular lives and characters that live in the city at night.

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Director: Felipe Zúñiga, Carlos Benavides, Natalia Solórzano and Sasha Zuwolinsky
Producer: Alejandra Vargas Carballo
Executive Producer: Federico Lang Mora, Alejandra Vargas Carballo and Gema Arrieta
Director of Photography: Andrés Fuentes, Nicolás Wong, Mariel Schmidt, Marcelo Rojas, Andrés Campos, Jose Moreira and Roberto Murillo
Editor: Edith Alfaro, Manuel Mairena and Natalia Solórzano
Creator: Felipe Zúñiga
Production Company: Caramba Films