Paths of Love

201963 minsSpanish

The documentary PATHS OF LOVE portraits the life and work of the Costa Rican artist Guadalupe Urbina, one of the most important singers and poets of Central America, and highly appreciated in Latin America and Europe. Her songs and reflections explore the meaning of love, eroticism, nature, and the sacred, among other subjects of relevant importance, and help to strengthen a communal identity that is so endangered today in the face of greed and economical powers.

But the film is more than a biographical story that follows chronologically the life of the character. It presents the meaning of life and love that this artist has come to understand after so many life experiences, including her proximity to death, and it is also an intimate dialogue between two women, the protagonist and the writer/director Patricia Howell, in which the audiovisual merges with the story, knitting a poem of light, movement, voices and music.

It is a journey to the heart of these two extraordinary women, and it is also an encounter with an awesome Costa Rica, its villages, traditions, people, and the magnificence of nature.

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Director: Patricia Howell
Producer: Luis A. Alvarez
Executive Producer: Patricia Howell
Production Designer: Mauricio Miranda
Screenplay: Patricia Howell
Director of Photography: Gabriel Serrá
Sound: Carlos Pipo Chavez
Editor: Octavio Rodríguez
Costume Designer: Olga Madrigal
Poster Artist: Mariela Montoya