Nosotros las Piedras

201774 minsSpanish

Even though the Government expelled them from their lands in the name of ecologic preservation 40 years ago, a group of panners keep searching the rivers for gold, deep in Costa Rica’s jungle. Their living as modern pariahs shows their fight for survivance, and questions the country's conservationist fame.

Director Álvaro Torres Crespo, recognizes the gold miners -despite their condition- to be fighters, with histories filled not just with resignation, exhaustion and nostalgia but also with vitality, pride and optimism. Reflecting this fighter’s spirit is one of the main strengths of the film.

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Director: Álvaro Torres Crespo
Producer: Amaya Izquierdo
Executive Producer: Amaya Izquierdo
Director of Photography: Caleb B. Kuntz
Screenplay: Álvaro Torres Crespo
Editor: Lenz Claure and Álvaro Torres Crespo
Music: David Stükenberg