Nina and Laura

201568 minsSpanish

Costa Rica - Chile

Nina and Laura are a couple whose four-year-old son Mateo has just died. Laura moves back to Chile seeking the comfort of her family while Nina, intending to reunite with her shortly, is left to tie up loose ends at home: storing Mateo’s things and renting out their house. Nina finds herself alone in a place filled with memories, trying to rationalize her grieving process and debating between what she should do and what she wants to do. “What a big space such a little body can fill, what a massive abyss there is now between your mom and me”.

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Director: Alejo Crisóstomo
Producer: Kattia González and Alejo Crisóstomo
Production Designer: Kattia González
Director of Photography: Alejo Crisóstomo
Sound: Kattia González
Screenplay: Alejo Crisóstomo
Editor: Alejo Crisóstomo
Music: Rafael Chinchilla
Additional Music: Florian Droids