Post Production | 1 Season | 10 Eps x 25 minsSpanish,

N.N Series is a representation of the inequality and violence that suffer women in Latin societies, using as the argument the investigation of a woman’s murder and multiple narratives.

During the investigation of a murder, we will discover a corrupt society divided into two groups: the ones with the economic power and political influence that face and use the other group: the ones who are excluded and fight to survive in a system that is against them. A bunch of little and particular stories begin to converge and build a framework made of suspects, false clues, and half truths, the spectator get immersed into a classic story of discovering the assassin.

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Director: Paco González Valenzuela
Executive Producer: Oveja Negra Producciones S.A.
Director of Photography: Alberto Amieva and Paco González Valenzuela
Production Designer: Vivian Rodriguez
Screenplay: Paco González Valenzuela
Editor: Paco González Valenzuela
Music: La Cabina S.A.