Moving so Slowly

201980 minsSpanish - Subtitles: English and Spanish

“Moving so slowly” is a non-fiction film that follows the fate of different characters who, as immersed in a Kafkaesque story, await in queues that seem to have no end. In there, time and processes feel eternal. Our characters wait over and over and as long as they have to in this public institution, in order to solve procedures that put their future at stake. Their jobs, families and their own economic stability, depend on the arrival of formalities.

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Director: Natalia Solórzano
Producer: María Fernanda Carvajal and Karina Avellán
Director of Photography: Cristóbal Serrá
Screenplay: Natalia Solórzano
Direct Sound: Gabriela Rivas
Audio Postproduction: Emil Plonski and Eduardo Cáceres
Editor: Lorenzo Mora
Colorization: José "Chisco" Arce