201773 minsSpanish - Subtitles: English and French

Costa Rica - Chile - Argentina

María José's life moves back and forth between the monotony of class at the university, her eternally distant parents, rugby training and dares with her gay friend. Emotionally disconnected from her environment, when she meets Javier, she tries to start a relationship with him. But all her efforts to live a “normal” life cannot succeed. She is carrying a secret that everybody avoids noticing: she is a few months into her pregnancy.

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Director: Alexandra Latishev
Producer: Paz Fábrega and Alexandra Latishev Salazar
Executive Producer: Cynthia García Calvo and Marcela Esquivel
Production Design: Carolina Lett
Director of Photography: Oscar Medina and Álvaro Torres
Screenplay: Alexandra Latishev
Editor: Soledad Salfate
Music: Susan Campos
Costume Design: Carolina Lett
Production Company: La Linterna Films, Temporal Film, Grita Medios and Cyan Prods.