La Urba

20171 Season | 8 Eps x 50 minsSpanish

There are passions, friendships, loves, loyalties and betrayals BUT IT´S NOT A SOAP OPERA! Also violence, despair, extortion, drugs, the “safe yourself if you can”. The fierce struggle for dominance - for everything to remain the same- is to death! The thing is, could be possible to straighten this course and convince people that they can build a better tomorrow? Yeah! That´s LA URBA.

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Festivals and awards:

  • IV Edition Platino Awards 2017. (Candidate por nomination to Best Iberoamerican Miniseries or Film Teleseries)


Director: Eduardo Ceregatti
Producer: Ana C. Castillo
Show Runner: Oscar Castillo
Director of Photography: Fernando Montero and Nixon Reyes
Art Director: Erick Víquez
Sound: Nano Fernández
Screenplay: Sergio Masis and Paola Berrocal
Editor: Andrés Heidenreich
Music: Alvaro Esquivel
Wardrobe: Grettel Cedeño
Cast: Gladyz Alzate (Vera), Freddy Víquez (Johan), Luis Fernando Gómez (Willy), Laura Campos (Elena), Noelia Campos (Amanda), Winston Washington (Vicente), Laura Alvarado (Patricia), Eder Porras (Carlos), Gabriel Ochoa (Loro), Amaral Sánchez (Ramiro)