La Urba

20171 Season | 8 Eps x 50 minsSpanish

There are passions, friendships, loves, loyalties and betrayals BUT IT´S NOT A SOAP OPERA!

Also violence, despair, extortion, drugs, the “safe yourself if you can”. The fierce struggle for dominance - for everything to remain the same- is to death!

The thing is, could be possible to straighten this course and convince people that they can
build a better tomorrow?

Yeah! That´s LA URBA.

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Director: Eduardo Ceregatti
Producer: Ana C. Castillo
Show Runner: Oscar Castillo
Director of Photography: Fernando Montero and Nixon Reyes
Art Director: Erick Víquez
Sound: Nano Fernández
Screenplay: Sergio Masis and Paola Berrocal
Editor: Andrés Heidenreich
Music: Alvaro Esquivel
Wardrobe: Grettel Cedeño