La Remendona

20191 Season | 8 Eps x 25 minsSpanish, ,

In this real and magical site, at the same time, with threads, fabrics and scissors, they regulate, modify, transform and design all kinds of garments: modern, elegant, quirky, striking, fashion-forward, joyous, sad, sensual, demure, youthful and graceful according to the moods and lifestyles of the people. Beatriz, Ivonne, Rolando and Gavilán, will be the guides and conductors of a clientele, who will find in the need to uncover and cover themselves up, chapter by chapter, episode after episode, joy for their spirits, solution to personal situations, remembrances, security in the known, a response to their social challenges, a balm to experiential conflicts, a delight in the expectation of joys between couples, the harmony and healing of relationships: with children, at work, with parents, among friends, in a fun environment, friendly and happy.

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Festivals and awards:

  • Platino Awards 2020 (Nominations in Best Ibero-American Cinematographic Miniseries or Teleseries, Best Female Interpretation)
  • Tal Awards 2020 (Nomination in Best Fiction Series)


Director: Nariman Andrawus and Camila Yglesias
Executive Producer: Ana C. Castillo, Arnoldo Soley and Lorna Chacón -SINART
Production Designer: Eric Viquez
Show Runner: Oscar Castillo
Director of Photography: Fernando Montero
Screenplay: Paola Berrocal, Doris Aguilar and Ernesto Valverde
Editor: Jorge Pinto
Music: Christian Solis
Wardrobe: Krista Karsh