La Pensión

201721 Seasons | 42 Eps x 24 minsSpanish

Never judge a house by its cover. Entanglements, illusions and humor in an amusing comedy for the whole family. This boarding house owned by Doña Teresa is located in a Latin American middle class neighborhood. Long ago, the property was to some extent luxurious. Today its owner struggles hard to sustain it and avoid its collapse. The tenants of LA PENSION are assorted group of personalities from varied origins. They become Teresa’s new family and must survive daily life, the economic crisis and each other within the framework of Latin American flavor.

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Director: Eduardo Ceregatti
Producer: Marcela Castillo Castillo
Show Runner: Oscar Castillo
Director of Photography: Nixon Reyes
Director of Art: Melissa Messeguer, Lily Mora, Gerardo Vargas
Screenplay: Paola Berrocal and José Ulloa
Sound: Freddy Quesada
Editor: Jorge Pinto
Music: Alvaro Esquivel
Wardrobe: Grettel Cedeño
Cast: Eugenia Fuscaldo (Doña Tere), Carlos Alvarado (Camacho), Alejandra Portillo (Azucena), Will Salazar (Tony), Adriana Alvarado (Agatha), Manuel Martín (Arturo), Pablo Pretiz (Sebastián)