Justice and Oblivion?

2020117 minsSpanish - Subtitles: English

Discover the contrasts of Colombian society regarding the peace agreement with the FARC EP, the desire for justice of thousands of victims and the hope of forgetting a 50-year-old armed conflict. It goes through the lives of victims, victimizers, guerrillas, political hostage and authorities of the highest level, the challenges of an unprecedented process, unique in the world, amidst the questions and mistrust of a country tired of the drama of kidnappings and the armed struggle.

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Director: Francina Delgado Gómez
Screenplay: Francina Delgado Gómez
Executive Producer: Luis Diego Cordero Rojas
Jounalistic Producer: Randall Rivera Vargas
Production Designer: Francina Delgado Gómez
Director of Photography: Federico Lang
Camera Assistant: Mariel Schmidt
Still Photography: Mariel Schmidt and Luis Alberto Cordero
Sound: Carlos Arcila and Josué Rosales
Editor: Josué Rosales
Colorization: Alejandro Guido Gómez
Design and Animation: Alejandro Guido Gómez
Graphic Design: Priscilla Granados
Music: Marjorie Ven Ahn, Carlos Roberto Bac and André Gamez
Translation: Vivian Steinvorth
Makeup: Lisa Arguedas
Subtitles: Alejandro Guido Gómez