In Out

2010136 minsSpanish

In Out is an independent film, of genre Psychological Fiction and metaphysical plot. It tells the story of how a young woman as a child acquired, through the inheritance of a charm, certain psychic characteristics that would later be the cause of a scientist interested in the power of a magical game (of which the charm was a fundamental piece ), including her as a guinea pig in his dream control experiment. Consists of two magic panels "Inside and Outside" respectively and various utensils properly designed so that the board gets the qualities necessary to transport its players to the mind of a dreamer. This game and its indications are misinterpreted, by its creator and its participants or players, who are immersed in a type of collective dream but within the induced dream of the heir to the charm. They, through letters and private events, will have to decipher how to manipulate the immediate reality to obtain the confidence of the girl, also recognizing who is in that reality at that moment and She will have to discover why she is involved in all this making decisions in her manipulated subconscious.

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Festival Mórbido


Director: Jason Nielsen
Executive Producer: Jason Nielsen
Production Design: Jason Nielsen
Director of Photography: Jason Nielsen
Screenplay: Jason Nielsen
Editor: Jason Nielsen
Costume Design: Jason Nielsen