201592 minsSpanish

Costa Rica - Colombia

Victoria, a young passionate for dance, has maintained a five-year relationship with her boyfriend, Emanuel, who drags her more and more towards the lifestyle that her family and society seek. Although she is unable to finish school, with her wit she manages to get a good job, where she will meet Jason, a prison inmate, that will take her to very different paths.

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Director: Esteban Ramírez
Producer: Esteban Ramírez and Amaya Izquierdo
Executive Producer: Esteban Ramírez, Juan Pablo Solano Vergara and Simon Beltrán Echeverri
Production Designer: Carolina Lett
Director of Photography: Paulo Soto
Screenplay: Esteban Ramírez and Walter Fernández
Editor: Alberto Ponce
Music: Bernal Villegas
Costume Designer: Danny Ortiz