I’m a Makeshift

201767 minsSpanish and English

Every December 25, in Zapote, the popular festivities of the city of San José begin, where the most important bullfights in Costa Rica take place. These parties attend every year men and women called improvised bullfighters who spontaneously give their audience their joy and passion.

The round of the Fiestas de Zapote is the stage where Laisa, Pity and Cuchufleta not only face the bull, but by means of each of their exploits in the ring, they try to define their masculinity. That's why Pity, a 54-year-old man, has been waiting for the bull for 36 years at the door to find his destiny. Or is the place where Patterson Esquivel transforms into Laisa with the hope of giving joy and light to the public while fighting in the arena and the stage with his darkest emotions. Each of them, like Cuchufleta, struggles to find and believe in love.

This is how “Soy Improvisado”, acting, death and loneliness define the struggle of these men for a better life inside and outside the arena.

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Director: Juan Manuel Montero Mendez
Producer: Maria Fernanda Camacho González
Executive Producer: Daniel Cedeño Blanco
Production Designer: Gustavo Sanchez and Maria Fernanda Camacho
Director of Photography: Cristian Herrera
Screenplay: Juan Manuel Montero Mendez
Editor: José (Chisco) Arce
Music: Sergio (Checko) Dávila