Hold Me Like Before

201663 minsSpanish

Veronica is a transgender woman who works as a prostitute in the streets of San Jose. One night, the vehicle that travels with a few clients hits an enigmatic teenager known as Tato. So impulsive and solidarity, Veronica decides to take the boy to his apartment, where offered shelter and food. The next day, before the lack of understanding of the motives that drive the actions of your hostess, Tato is preparing a plan to escape.

Identification, solidarity and tension arising between Veronica and Tato initially suffer very soon by the eagerness of Greta, a girl transgender who lives in the same apartment, and Thalaya, the friend and Adviser of Veronica comments. Thus, chained destinations "Hold me like before" slowly reveal the attempt of a few characters to reach that distant and happy idea which we call family, in the midst of a populated nightlife amorous encounters, music and competitions.

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Director: Jurgen Ureña
Producer: Jurgen Ureña and Gustavo Sánchez
Executive Producer: Jurgen Ureña and Iván Molina Jiménez
Production Designer: Olga Madrigal and Gustavo Sánchez
Director of Photography: Gustavo Brenes
Screenplay: Jurgen Ureña
Editor: Ariadna Ribas and Alexandra Latishev
Costume Designer: Olga Madrigal