201875 minsSpanish

It is conformed by a series of adventures and pranks of children, those spontaneous, authentic and restless little human beings, who are not afraid to follow the impulses dictated by their innocent nature and thirst for emotions. These impulses lead them to live unexpected and fun situations, to weave illusions, face disappointments, and achieve small, great conquests. The craving for a "churchil", the farewell of a toy and a friend at the same time, breaking the rigidity of prayer, going with friends to popular festivals, earning with their own hands the right to listen to the favorite song, to love be part of the parade of bands ... each of these 7 stories is inspired by a popular song and transports us on a tour of the landscapes and culture of each of the provinces of Costa Rica. These güilas are undoubtedly Ticos and in their eyes we recognize the idiosyncrasy and beauty of each of these regions, in an authentic way.

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Director: Sergio Pucci
Producer: Marcela Jarquín, Ana Lucía Arias, Adrián Castro, Ignacio Campos and Gimena Cortés.
Screenplay: Sergio Pucci
Director of Photography: Sergio Pucci
Editor: Leonardo Fallas, Chángula and Pedro Rey
Sound: Nayuribe Montero, Francisco González, Erick Vargas, Sergio Gutiérrez, Ayerim Villanueva, Stefano Zolla and Giovanni Zolla