201674 minsSpanish

"Gorgojo" is a documentary that presents Adolfo Montero Arguedas from the director’s point of view. Our protagonist opens the doors of his house, his life and his stories so that we know the successes and mistakes that made him the person he was, always maintaining his unmistakable humor and the ability to find a joke in every situation, until his last days of life.

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Costa Rica Film Festival, 2016


Director: Ernesto Valverde Villalobos
Producer: Irene Chacón Morera
Executive Producer: Ernesto Valverde Villalobos
Director of Photography: Ernesto Valverde Villalobos
Screenplay: Ernesto Valverde Villalobos
Editor: Olman Vargas Benavides
Music: Memo Neyra and Los Músicos
Production Company: Conejo Panda Producciones S.A. and Prusik Films