Goal Catcher

201790 minsSpanish - Subtitles: English, , ,

Costa Rica and Spain

The inspiring journey of a boy from rural Costa Rica who must face life-changing obstacles to follow his dream of becoming a soccer player. The story, based on the life of Real Madrid’s goalkeeper Keylor Navas, follows his search for strength, spirituality and his resilience to get ahead in the competitive world of International elite soccer from his home country to one of the top teams in the world – an epic journey marked by persistence and faith.

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Director: Dinga Haines
Producer: Víctor Barriga, Begoña Castillo and Dinga Haines
Executive Producer: Jorge Obando
Production Design: Liliana Ghiraldini and Jorge Cacho Quesada
Director of Photography: Marlon Villar
Direct Sound: Nano Fernández
Sound: Andrés Boulton
Screenplay: Dinga Haines
Editor: Verónica López, Genaro Peñalosa and Luis Carballar
Music: Zacarías M. de la Riva
Visual Effects: La Sala Post, Marte Studio and Dinamita Post