Gandhi in China

201577 minsSpanish and Chinese

Costa Rica - Colombia

Gandhi is one of the most prominent bands in the Costa Rican rock scene; in 2014 they were invited to the biggest music festival in China. As their first trip to Asia evolves they confront the inability to communicate and fully understand what is happening in such a different place. Immersed in havoc by cultural shock, the members of one of the most important Rock bands of Costa Rica share a particular gaze of China. The documentary relies on comedy to show the cultural differences between China and Costa Rica and explores how music transcends barriers.

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Director: Arturo Alvarado
Producer: Tommie Curran and Arturo Alvarado
Executive Producer: Tommie Curran​
Director of Photography: Arturo Alvarado
Editor: Arturo Alvarado
Music: Gandhi