Entangled, The Confusion

201790 minsSpanish, English and Hindi,

John, in a mid of millionaire robbery, meets the love of his life, Ana. But now he has to choose between money and love. He chooses to love and decides to return the money but the confusion starts with an accident, which happens on the way. This takes the audience on a roller coaster ride through a series of risky and funny situations leaving the viewer with suspense and confusion about the whereabouts of the money, experiencing great excitement until the end of the film. The film delivers a positive message to the society with a beautiful familiar ending.

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Festivals and Awards:

  • Crash Landed, USA. (Official Selection)
  • Independent Prisma Awards, Rome. (Official Selection)
  • Accolado Global Film Competition, USA. (Official Selection)
  • Los Ángeles Film Awards, USA. (Winner Best Action Film, First Time Director)
  • Dehradun International Film Festival. (Winner Best Debut Director)
  • Delhi International Film Festival. (Winner Best Debut Director)
  • DIFF (NDMC). (Official Selection)
  • Top Indie Award. (Official Selection)
  • Los Angeles Cine Fest. (Winner, Semi Finalist)
  • New Jersey MIW, USA. (Winner Best Actor of the Year)
  • BIFF, India. (Official Selection)
  • FIive Continents International Film Festival. (Winner Best Feature Film, Best Indie Feature Film, Special Mention Director Feature Film, Best Editing Feature Film, Best Original Music Feature Film, Best Production Design Feature Film, Best Sound Design Feature Film, Best Vfx Feature Film)
  • Virgin Spring Cine Fest. (Winner Debut Filmmaker)
  • Flicks Film Festival, London. (Winner Best Feature Film and Best Producer)
  • Berlin Flash Film Festival. (Offcial Selection)
  • Latin American & Caribbean Film Festival. (Official Selection)
  • Chennai International Film Festival. (Official Selection)
  • Veritas Film Festival. (Official Selection)


Director: Prabhakar Sharan
Producer: Jose Castro and Prabhakar Sharan
Executive Producer: Teresa Rodríguez Cerdas
Director of Photography: Suresh Beesaveni
Art Director: Oscar Soto
Sound: Sebastian Perez Bastidas
Screenplay: Prabhakar Sharan
Editor: Sandeep Kurup
Music: Tapan Jyoti Dutta and Kaushal Mahavir
Wardrobe: Grace Roman
Production Company: Pacific Invesment Corporation S.A.
Choreography: Rakesh Sharma
Cast: Leo: Prabhakar Sharan, Shirley: Nancy Dobles, Chino: Mario Chacón, Mario: José G. Castro, John: Scott Carl Rechsteiner, Doctor: Danilo Coto Braña, Enfermera: Gabriela López, Taxista: Mauricio Despla, Recepcionista: Yesennia Artavia, Ricardo: Miguel A. Hernández, Novio de Ricardo: Álvaro Marenco