ELBRUS: Defying Europe’s Highest Mountain

Post Production | 70 minsSpanish

Oscar Hernández is 70 years old mountaineer from Costa Rica. Oscar is trying to achieve the famous “7 summit project” that consist in climbing the highest summits of every continent.

After achieving in 2017 the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa, Oscar tries to climb to the top of his second summit of the 7, the Mt. Elbrus in Rusia, Europe.

To achieve that goal, he looks for some help from two experimented guides and mountaineers from Costa Rica, Daniel Ramirez and Daniel Roman. The three “ticos” embark themselves into an incredible expedition into the Caucasus mountains.

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Director: Errol Cordero and Daniel Ramírez
Producer: Daniel Ramírez, Daniel Roman, Errol Cordero and Pablo Ramírez
Executive Producer: Oscar Hernández
Director of Photography: Daniel Ramírez and Daniel Roman
Screenplay: Errol Cordero
Editor: Pablo Ramírez