El Psicópata, Chronicles of an Unsolved Case

201984 minsSpanish

The case of the first serial killer recorded in the history of Costa Rica, El Psicópata, who attacked between 1985 and 1995, leaving 19 victims. An approach to the case from criminalistics and analysis of the sociopolitical environment of the time. What were the reasons why the case was never resolved, its impact and how it was recorded in the memory of Costa Rican society.  

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  • Sitges
  • Panamá Horror Film Fest
  • Icaro
  • Cinefantasy
  • Rojo Sangre
  • Insólito


Director: Estefanie Céspedes
Producer: Jorge Guntanis, Estefanie Céspedes and Luz Patiño
Production Designer: Estefanie Céspedes
Director of Photography: Irvin Castro
Editor: Nicolás Fernández
Music: Bungalovv
Wardrobe: Luz Patiño