El Pibe Hine

Post Production | 60 minsSpanish

A man falls dead on a street in San José, Costa Rica. They say it was in a bar fight; that he slipped on a wet sidewalk; that he died of pneumonia or for reasons best not to find out. After several days in the morgue, his family finally identifies him. It’s Pibe Hine, the mythical pianist who changed the way jazz was played and heard in the Costa Rica of the past century. With original music by Pibe Hine, intimate testimonies by his relatives and archive footage of different origins and textures, Does Anybody Know Where El Pibe Is? weaves a collage of impressions and sensations around the memory of this pianist turned urban legend.

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Director: Ana Lucía Jiménez Hine
Producer: Filamento Films S.A.
Narrated by: Friends and relatives of Pibe Hine
Director of Photography: Ana Lucía Jiménez Hine
Music: El Pibe Hine