201988 minsSpanish - Subtitles: English

Costa Rica - United States.

Doyenne tells the story of women in Costa Rican sports, the daily effort of those "Doyenne" to achieve their dreams and move their families forward. Doyenne narrates the struggle of women in a world where inequalities still exist, although they are not limiting to fight for what you want. The film seeks to highlight how the struggle of each athlete has never been only in their respective space, but also before a society that in many cases does not accept them, but then acclaims them for their sporting achievements.

Available territories:

United States, Latin America, Asia and Europe


Director: Leonardo Solano
Producer: Pamela Alfaro and Tania Campos
Production Designer: Leonardo Solano
Director of Photography: Edgardo Venegas
Editor: Leonaro Solano and Edgardo Venegas
Music: Alfredo “Choco” Rivera, Nativa and Malpaís
Wardrobe: Margot Carvajal