Dele Viaje

20172 Seasons | 10 Eps x 20 - 30 minsSpanish - Subtitles: Spanish and English

Three parallel stories of young adults and their struggle to feel and become normal. As they try to hide inside a cycle of anxiety, fear, frustration and insecurities, they'll discover the value of sincerity and vulnerability to embrace the unknown. Pupis is building a machine that can deplete negative energies and feed positive frequencies onto her external world. Beto’s physical insecurity and selfishness have him living a moment of much judgment and repentance. El Negro suffers from internal sexual questioning that he's trying to silence in every possible way.

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Director: Jose Pablo García Montero
Producer: Gimena Cortés Ramírez
Executive Producer: Jose Pablo García Montero
Production Designer: Carolina Lett
Director of Photography: Andrés Campos, Daniel Aguilar Liriano and André Robert
Screenplay: Jose Pablo García Montero
Editor: Maurizio Montesi Fernández
Music: Daniel Patiño
Costume Designer: Alejandro Freer Ugalde