Days of Light

201990 minsSpanish - Subtitles: English

Costa Rica - Panamá - Nicaragua - El Salvador - Honduras - Guatemala

A 5-day solar storm hits Central America and people find themselves facing life in its most basic terms; as they lack the technology they usually depend on, fear, friendship and love emerge under a shelter rebuilt upon meeting each other as humans again. Meanwhile, the sky is illuminated by a colorful and tropical aurora never seen before.

Available territories:

Worldwide but America and Portugal


Director: Mauro Borges (Costa Rica), Enrique Pérez (Panamá), Gloria Carrión (Nicaragua), Enrique Medrano (Honduras), Julio López (El Salvador) and Sergio Ramírez (Guatemala).
Producer: Karolina Hernández (Costa Rica), Isabella Galvez (Panamá), Natalia Hernández (Nicaragua), Servio Tulio Mateo (Honduras), Francisco Morales (El Salvador) and Sergio Ramírez (Guatemala).
Executive Producer: Karolina Hernández (Costa Rica) and Isabella Galvez (Panamá)
Production Designer: Carolina Lett
Director of Photography: Álvaro Rodríguez
Screenplay: Mauro Borges (Costa Rica) and Enrique Pérez (Panamá)
Wardrobe: Elizabeth White