Day of Fury

201363 minsSpanish,

Costa Rica - Bolivia

The decisions of six individuals collide during a day out of control, where they seek to change what seems inevitable. Michael gets into serious trouble when he has to settle a debt with Tony, a peculiar criminal. Rafael fulfills his dream of being a cop, but discovers that the job also involves testing his ideals. Manuel and Arthur are two students who discover that the way to make easy money does not always have a point of return. Sergio carries the weight of the death of his brother and has to face his fears when an intruder threatens his family.

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Director: Adrian Kayser
Producer: Jill Sedó
Executive Producer: Jose Monge and Adrian Kayser
Director of Photography: Adrian Kayser, Arturo Alvarado and Carolina Monge
Screenplay: Adrian Kayser
Editor: Adrian Kayser
Music: Filip Rusak Rojas