202070 minsSpanish - Subtitles: Spanish

Juan Morales is an artisanal miner who grew up in a town looted by foreign companies over 140 years ago, with his family and friends, he introduces us to an underground world of culture, politics and the gold economy.

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Festivals and awards:

  • International Documentary Film Festival Festival ACAMPADOC, Villa de Los Santos, Panamá. (Best original band and sound design)
  • Environmental International Film Festival. Guanajuato, México. (Official Selection)
  • Austral International Film. Córdoba, Argentina. (Official Selection)
  • Panalandia International Film Festival. Ciudad de Panamá, Panamá. (Official Selection)
  • Festival El Cine Suma Paz. Bogotá, Colombia. (Official Selection)
  • International DOC-KED Festival. Quito, Ecuador. (Official Selection)
  • International Film Festival Ushuaia SHH. Tierra del fuego, Argentina. (Official Selection)
  • Tourism International Festival. Ciudad del cabo, South Africa. (Official Selection)
  • Bannabá Human Rights International Film Festival. Ciudad de Panamá, Panamá. (Official Selection)
  • Social and Economic Justice Film Festival. California, USA. (Official Selection)


Director: Wainer Méndez Solano
Producer: Ana Nicté Castillo Delgado
Director of Photography: Wainer Méndez Solano
Editor: Wainer Méndez and Laura Mora
Music: Glen Ortíz, Moller, Café Guancasco
Production company: Arajo Films
Sound: Felipe Nuñez