Bird of Fire

202186 minsSpanish - Subtitles: English

Costa Rica - Chile - United States Tony Martinez, a young man, returns from a stint in a reformatory, with the dream of breakdancing and rejoining his working class community.  Tony tries to avoid being drawn in by the local gangs. But he soon learns that while he was gone, a small plane loaded with drugs crashed into a river nearby.  Various neighbors are entangled in the incident.  Along with his best friend Chayote, Tony comes up with a plan to bring justice to the community, while also trying to stay alive.

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Director: César Caro Cruz
Producer: Drew Irwin
Production Designer: Michelle Canales Barquero
Director of Photography Andrés Campos
Direct Sound: Sergio Gutiérrez
Editor: Valeria Hernández
Music: José Manuel Gatica
Wardrobe: Michelle Canales Barquero