201980 minsSpanish - Subtitles: English,

Costa Rica, Cuba and France 

Cuba. August 1994. Carlos’s (13) world is collapsing: his small coast town turns into chaos, friends are leaving, his grandmother dies; he explores sexuality. He expected a normal summer, but now his emotions are upside down as he fights to survive his uncertain future when government policies change and thousands of Cubans throw themselves into the sea hoping to escape.

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Director: Armando Capó
Producer: Marcela Esquivel, Claudia Olivera and Nathalie Trafford
Executive Producer: René Cruz
Director of Photography: Javier Labrado
Production Designer: Celia Ledón
Screenplay: Abel Arcos and Armando Capó
Editor: Ariel Escalante and Juan Soto
Music: Alex Catona
Wardrobe: Lisandra Ramos